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Zeyuan on the photo day of MSR AI
@ Microsoft Research, 2017

Tsinghua University

Personal Information

Research Interests

My current research focuses on investigating the physics of language models and AI in a broader sense. This involves designing experiments to elucidate the underlying fundamental principles governing how transformers/GPTs learn to accomplish diverse AI tasks. By probing into the neurons of the pre-trained transformers, my goal is to uncover and comprehend the intricate (and sometimes surprising!) physical mechanisms behind large language models.

Before that, I work on the mathematics of deep learning. That involves developing rigorous theoretical proofs towards the learnability of neural networks, in ideal and theory-friendly settings, to explain certain mysterious phenomena observed in deep learning.

In my past life, I have also worked in machine learning, optimization theory, and theoretical computer science.





Some Awards

A family photo of my gold and silver medals
A family photo of my gold and silver medals

In algorithm competitions, I was fortunate to win a few awards in my past life, including two IOI gold medals, a USACO world champion, an ACM/ICPC world-final gold medal, a Google Codejam world runner-up, and a USA MCM Top Prize.

In research, I used to be supported by a Microsoft Young Fellow Award, a Simons Student Award and a Microsoft Azure Research Award.

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