Course Work @ Graduate School

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Term Course Name Lecturer ID Score Remark
2014 Spring Randomness¬†and¬†Computation Ronitt Rubinfeld MIT: 6.842 A  
2013 Fall Cellular Neurophysiology Weifeng Xu et al. MIT: 9.16 Listener  
2013 Fall Algorithmic Aspects of Machine Learning Ankur Moitra MIT: 18.S996 Listener  
2013 Fall Algebraic Geometry I Francois Charles MIT: 18.725 A  
2013 Spring Eigenvalues of Random Matrices Alan Edelman MIT: 18.338 Listener  
2012 Fall Commutative Algebra (psets, book) Steven Kleiman MIT: 18.705 A+  
2012 Fall Quantum Complexity Theory Scott Aaronson MIT: 6.845 Listener  
2012 Fall The Evolution of a Proof Shafi Goldwasser MIT: 6.S898 Listener  
2012 Spring Advanced Combinatorial Optimization Michel Goemans MIT: 18.438 A  
2012 Spring Algebra and Computation Madhu Sudan MIT: 6.S897 A  
2012 Spring Geometric Computation Piotr Indyk MIT: 6.850 Listener  
2012 Spring Advanced Data Structures Erik Demaine MIT: 6.851 Listener  
2011 Fall Advanced Algorithms David Karger MIT: 18.415 / 6.854 TA  
2011 Fall An Algorithmist's Toolkit (scribes) Jon Kelner MIT: 18.409 A  
2011 Fall Algorithms for Planer Graphs and Beyond Erik Demaine et al. MIT: 6.889 Listener  
2011 Fall Foundations of Program Analysis Armando Solar-Lezama MIT: 6.820 A+  
2011 Spring Probability and Computation Costis Daskalakis MIT: 6.896 A+  
2011 Spring Randomized Algorithms (scribes, book) David Karger MIT: 18.416/6.856 A+
2011 Spring Advanced Complexity Theory (book-AB, book-G) Jon Kelner MIT: 18.405/6.841 A+ My notes
2010 Fall Robust Mechanism Design (scribes) Silvio Micali MIT: 6.885 A+  
2010 Fall Machine Learning Tom Jaakkola + Michael Collins MIT: 6.867 A+  
2010 Fall Theory of Computation Michael Sipser MIT: 18.404/6.840 A+  

Course Work @ Home School

Courses are studied at home by self-learning. My study group for some courses are here.

Term Course Name Lecturer ID Remark
2013 Fall Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology John H. Byrne UTHealth  
2012 Summer Convex Optimization II Stephen Boyd Stanford: EE364b  
2012 Summer Convex Optimization I Stephen Boyd Stanford: EE364a  
2011 Summer Spectral Graph Theory (scribes) Daniel Spielman Yale: AM561/CS662  
2011 Summer Analysis of Boolean Functions Ryan O'Donnell CMU: 15-859S My notes
2011 Spring Algorithmic Game Theory (book) Tim Roughgarden Stanford: CS364A  
2011 Spring Sublinear Algorithms Piotr Indyk MIT: 6.896 My notes
2010 Winter Cryptography & Cryptanalysis (scribes) Silvio Micali MIT: 6.875/18.425 My notes
2010 Fall Topics in Algorithmic Game Theory (scribes) Costis Daskalakis MIT: 6.896  
2010 Summer Algorithmic Game Theory Summer School Avrim Blum et al. Fudan University  
2010 Spring An Algorithmist's Toolkit Jonathan Kelner MIT: 18.409
2010 Spring Advanced Algorithms Michel Goemans MIT: 6.854/18.415 Missing 20,24,25,26
2010 Spring Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science Scott Aaronson MIT: 6.080/6.089  

Course Work @ Tsinghua University


Computer Science Related:

Term Course Name Score
2009 Spring Advanced Algorithms A+
2009 Spring Current Topics in Computer Science A+
2009 Spring The Art and Practice of Programming A+
2008 Fall Introduction to Quantum Information Science A+
2008 Spring Data Structures A+
2006 Fall Fundamentals of Programming A+


Math Related:

Term Course Name Score
2006 Fall Integers and Polynomials A+
2006 Fall Advanced Calculus(1) A
2006 Fall Advanced Algebra and Geometry(1) A+
2007 Spring Advanced Calculus(2) A+
2007 Spring Advanced Algebra and Geometry(2) A+
2007 Fall Advanced Calculus(3) A+
2007 Fall Functions of a complex Variable and Equations in Mathematical Physics A+
2008 Spring Abstract Algebra A-
2008 Fall Topology A+
2008 Fall Numerical Analysis A+
2008 Fall Probability Theory A+
2009 Fall Differential Geometry A+
2009 Fall Mathematical Modeling A+


Physics Related:

Term Course Name Score
2006 Fall General Physics(1) - Mechanics and Electromagnetics A-
2007 Spring Introduction to Astronomy A+
2007 Spring General Physics(2) - Electromagnetics and Thermotics A+
2007 Spring Lab of Physics(1) A
2007 Fall General Physics(3) - Optics and Quantum Physics A+
2007 Fall Lab of Physics(2) A+
2007 Fall Analytical Mechanics A+
2008 Spring Quantum Mechanics(1) A
2008 Spring Lab of Physics(3) A+